Rebuilding Travel is a A Public-Private Partnership between the African Tourism Board ( ATB) https://africantourismboard.com/
and the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) http://ictp.travel/

#RebuildingTravel brings tourism boards, ministers of tourism, associations, stakeholders, researchers, travelers interested in joining the discussion on CODID-19 and the future of travel & tourism are invited to join Rebuilding Travel.

#RebuildingTravel is all about bringing travelers, stakeholders, the public, and private sector,  associations to talk to each and turn the COVID-19 challenge into a  win/win opportunity for a better sustainable and profitable industry of peace and friendship

Part of You is supporting this initiative therefore we use Hashtag:  #RebuildingTravel and like You to use it too across all social platforms, including Twitter – Facebook- Linkedin – Instagram – Buzz.

Follow upcoming Zoom meetings #rebuildingtravel, you can add topics to the agenda and you can submit any initiative you’re involved to be added to this website.

You will also find a meeting Archive.

Please share your own initiatives, propose projects, and get involved 

Tourism will not be the same after- let’s turn this into an opportunity and rebuild!

Hashtag:  #RebuildingTravel

You can become a registered member of #RebuilidungTravel

  • Showcase your ongoing projects
  • Discuss corporate, regional and global issues
  • Submit and learn about resources
  • Showcase ongoing projects
  • Media Press

The minimum requirement to register is being an active Person in a Group. You will find a list of options on how you can join and support #RebuildingTravel.