Developing Sustainability

Part of You Service – Key Deliverables:

Consulting to sustainability


Our range of services covers the determination of product-related CO2 balances, reduction and compensation measures:

  • CO2 footprint for companies
  • CO2 footprint for products
  • CO2 emissions report
  • Data verification
  • Determination of reduction goals and support during implementation
  • Compensation with high-quality climate protection certificates

Leading and coaching to sustainability

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Part of You is expert in crafting concepts, brands and strategies for hotels, hospitality companies and innovative businesses.

The rules of hospitality having changed, Part of You makes your hotel to a unique experience. These are our areas of expertise and how we help our clients:

  • Individualisation and Making the difference in competition
  • Innovative solutions in sustainability (concept-realisation-marketing)
  • Re-defining luxury – focussing on nature and human capacity